Important Contacts

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Community Management Partner

City Property Management 
4645 E. Cotton Gin Loop
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Office (602) 437-4777 
Property Manager
Cody Tallman (602) 437-4777, ext. 2173
The Community Manager can assist you with the following issues: Technical questions regarding the CC&Rs, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and/or Rules and Regulations, legal questions related to your community, common area issues or deficiencies, assessment or budgeting questions, or any Board-specific policy or issue.
Cindy Frederick(602) 437-4777, ext. 2222
The Accountant can help you with the following issues: account balances, methods of payment, etc.
Administrative Coordinator
Andrea Howard(602) 437-4777, ext. 2104
The Community Assistant can assist you with the following issues: taking the report of common area issues or deficiencies, provide gate codes and/or keys to the community amenities, provide assistance of submitting and/or status on pending architectural requests, provide general community information, provide copies of the community's insurance certificates, assistance with accessing Homeowner Account management services website or resetting your password for the homeowner website, etc.
Account Services/Collections
Rita Gould(602) 437-4777, ext. 2460
The Account Services Representative can assist you with the following issues: Past due balances, payment plans.
Architectural Request Submittals
Architectural Department(602) 437-4777, ext. 2145
Architectural requests may be submitted to our office by U.S. First Class mail, delivered to our office during our regular business hours, send via email to: or submit your request through the homeowners web site portal. Any questions about submitting an architectural request can be sent to or call the Architectural Dept at (602) 437-4777, Ext #2145 or contact your Community Assistant.