Account / Assessments
  • How can I pay my assessment?
    Please visit our Make A Payment page for detailed information regarding the multiple, convenient payment options available to you.
  • How can I get updated information on my account balance?
    Homeowners can obtain account balances, payment history, violation history, and much more through the Homeowner Portal. If you need assistance accessing the portal, please see the Homeowner Portal Information form for reference.
Board of Directors / Board Meetings
  • When/where are regular Board meetings held?
    Board meetings are typically held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM. Meeting locations vary. Notice of Board meetings is provided here on the website and on the Homeowner Portal calendar. Meetings are also noticed in the monthly Community Updates sent out via email blast. Be sure to check the Calendar to confirm meeting dates, times, and locations. If you have any questions regarding an upcoming meeting, please contact Desert Vista at (480) 573-8999.
  • Can homeowners attend Board meetings?
    Absolutely! We love when homeowners attend. At Maricopa Meadows, we believe that community engagement keeps our community vibrant and well informed. Additionally, the Board sets aside time during each Board meeting for homeowner comment and feedback. We invite you to take advantage of this open forum.
  • When are the elections for our Board of Directors?
    Elections are held annually in November.
  • How long are the terms of the elected Board Members?
    Board members are elected for two-year terms.
Compliance / Violations
  • How do I inform the management team of a violation on my neighbor's property?
    You may complete the Complaint Form available on the Homeowner Forms page and submit it to Please note that Arizona state statute requires the disclosure of the complainant's first and last name should it be requested.
  • How can I appeal a violation notice I received?
    Please complete and submit the Response Form found on the Homeowner Forms page. The Board will review appeals at their next scheduled Executive Board Meeting.
  • Can I park my RV, boat, or trailer on site?
    RVs, boats, or trailers may be parked at your home for no longer than 24 hours for the purpose of loading/unloading only. For more details, please refer to the CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations, both of which are available on the Association Documents page.
    Please contact Desert Vista at to inform them in advance when you plan on having such a vehicle on premise, as this will minimize the chances of you being unnecessarily cited for the vehicle.
  • When can I put up my holiday decorations?
    Holiday decorative items (seasonal lighting, displays, etc.) can be displayed a maximum of thirty (30) days prior to the actual holiday with which they are associated and must be removed by no more than thirty (30) days after the date of the holiday.

    Please note: Holiday decorative items do not require approval by the Association. Seasonal flags must be maintained in good condition at all times. Torn, ripped, faded, or otherwise damaged conditions constitute grounds for removal. Flags may not be offensive to neighbors or the Association. The Board of Directors of the Maricopa Meadows Homeowners Association reserves the right to require removal of decorative items in front yards based on size, quantity, color, location, and any other criteria. The Board of Directors, at its sole discretion, shall make its determination on a case-by-case basis.
Design Review
  • Do I need to obtain approval prior to repainting my house?
    Yes. Homeowners must submit for approval prior to repainting the exterior of their house. Approval is required even if the house is being repainted the existing color scheme. Please visit our Design Review Center to view preapproved color schemes, submit the required application, etc. 
    Note: Preapproved colors must still be submitted for approval.
  • Do I need to obtain approval from the Board prior to making any changes or improvements to my residence or lot?
    Yes. For the most part, any modification to the exterior of your home or lot requires prior written approval. The first step is to check the Design Guidelines and Rules & Regulations to verify that the proposed change is allowed. The next step is to complete an Architectural Change Request Form and submit it for approval as indicated on the form itself. Please visit our Design Review Center for additional information and all necessary documents/forms.
General Questions
  • Who is our community management company?
    The Maricopa Meadows Board of Directors is proud to partner with Desert Vista Community Management for professional community management services. Desert Vista is a smaller, boutique management company specializing in the management of medium to large/master-planned communities. With all the functionality of larger management companies but the flexibility of a smaller company, Desert Vista is a wonderful partner for our community.
  • Where can I report an issue with the community landscaping (e.g. broken irrigation line, dead plants, etc.)?
    You may report these issues by emailing the location of the issue, as well as a photo and brief description of the issue, to
    Note: If the issue is a legitimate after-hours emergency, please contact Desert Vista Community Management via telephon at (480) 573-8999 and follow the prompts.
  • Can I reserve a Ramada or basketball court for a private event?
    Yes. Please complete the Park & Common Area Use Request Form available on the Amenities page and submit it to the email address on the form itself.
  • When does the City of Maricopa sweep the streets in Maricopa Meadows?
    Maricopa Meadows is currently scheduled for street sweeping on the 4th Monday of each month.
Trash / Recycling
  • When does trash/recycling get picked up each each week?
    Details regarding the trash and recycling schedule can be found by visiting our Trash/Recycling page.
  • How do I dispose of bulk trash items?
    Details regarding bulk trash scheduling and pickup can be found by visiting our Trash/Recycling page.