Design Review Center

Welcome to your design review/architectural hub! We encourage all homeowners and residents to become familiar with the Design Guidelines below. As a reminder, almost all improvements and modifications that change the exterior appearance of your home or lot require prior written approval. This includes many backyard improvements that are visible above your fence/walls. When submitting a request for approval for any such improvements/modifications, please complete and submit the below Architectural Request Form along with photos of the area to be improved, plans, drawings, samples, and any other documentation you think may be helpful. The Design Guidelines and Architectural Committee may require additional information/documentation from time to time for specific improvements. When you are ready to submit your Architectural Request Form, Please email it to You may also send your request by mail to the City Property Management Office, 4645 E Cotton gin Loop Phoenix, AZ 85040 or submit the Architectural Form online on the Homeowner Portal, 
Exterior Home Painting

Unfortunately, exterior paint doesn't last forever. In fact, experts say you should expect to repaint every 5 to 7 years in Arizona. This time frame could be shortened or lengthened depending on the quality of paint, the coverage and application used on your home, and your home's exposure to the sun.
Repainting the exterior of your home does require prior written approval from the Architectural Committee. To make this process as easy as possible, the Committee has implemented a series of preapproved paint schemes. While you must still submit an application, you will receive automatic approval if you select one of the numerous preapproved paint schemes. Any modifications to the preapproved schemes or the submission of a scheme that has not been preapproved will require formal review from the Committee.
While the schemes from Dunn Edwards are still acceptable/valid, you will find the same colors, under different names, through Sherwin-Williams. In addition, the preapproved Sherwin-Williams paint schemes contain an expanded selection.
Note: You may select a preapproved color scheme from any Maricopa Meadows subdivision. You are not restricted to the schemes designated for your subdivision. Nonetheless, a map of the community's subdivisions is shown below for your reference.