How long have you lived in the community? Since 2006
Board tenure:  2 years
Favorite quote:  "Be kind to everyone, because everyone is going through their own struggle." - Unknown
Best thing about Maricopa Meadows:  Maricopa Meadows is the place I used to only think existed on TV. Lovely homes, beautiful park, wonderful neighbors.
Overall goal as a Board Member:  To continue to maintain and improve our community. I want to improve communication between the board, all the committees, and most importantly each homeowner. When people come home after fighting traffic on the 347, I want them to round the bend and be able to breathe a sigh of relief, because the feel great living here.
How long have you lived in the community?  Since 2015
Board tenure:  Currently serving my first year 
Favorite quote:  “Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.” - William Wordsworth
Best thing about Maricopa Meadows:  Maricopa Meadows is a place where my neighbors have taken much pride in their living environment, respecting and supporting one another regardless of age, gender, race, or creed. 
Overall goal as a Board Member:  As a Board member this position comes with great responsibility and challenges, in which I take great pride. I endeavor to ensure everyone's voice is heard.
How long have you lived in the community?  Since June 2009
Board tenure:  A combined total of 10 years 
Favorite quote:  “Your future is not written, so make it a good one." - Unknown
Best thing about Maricopa Meadows:  It's a beautiful community with something for everyone. 
Overall goal as a Board Member:  I want to continue to update the 20-year old community, ensuring we remain a premier community in the City of Maricopa.

  • Anthony (Tony) Vicich - Chairperson
  • Tony Vicich - Chairperson
  • Maggie Jones
  • Currently Vacant
Calling all Volunteers!
Volunteers are always needed to power the committees and activities in the community. It is gratifying to know that just a small commitment of your time can make a big difference to the place you call "Home." Volunteers are needed for the Architectural, Social, and Block Watch Committees. The Board is willing to entertain ideas for additional Committees as well.
Architectural Committee: (In need of 2 volunteers) The function of the Architectural Committee is to ensure that any installation, construction, or alteration to any Lot or of any structure on any Lot be submitted to the Committee for approval. The Architectural Committee shall have the power and duty to approve or disapprove plans and specifications for any installation(s), construction, or alterations to any Lot or of any structure on any Lot. Architectural background is appreciated but not required. Most applications are received and reviewed electronically. The Committee does meet as needed.
Social Committee: (Minimum of 3 volunteers) The Social Committee plans, organizes, and coordinates/executes community events throughout the year, including Movies In The Park and other events as may be proposed to and approved by the Board of Directors. Meetings are scheduled as needed.
Block Watch Committee: (Minimum of 3 volunteers) The Block Watch Committee functions to better serve and promote a safe and friendly community. The best thing you can do for your community is to look out for one another by getting to know one another. Doing so will allow residents to understand what is normal behavior and/or persons and what/who is not. We are currently looking for someone dedicated to leading this Committee. In addition, Block Captains are always needed. What does it mean to be a Block Captain? To communicate to residents on your block any pertinent information along with bringing back information to the committee meetings. Meetings are scheduled as needed.
If you are interested in any one of these committees, please contact Management. Please volunteer, we appreciate and need YOU!