Association Documents

Crime Free* Program

The Maricopa Meadows Board of Directors has adopted the Crime Free* Lease Addendum for all homeowners who rent/lease property in the community. The documents below reflect the Crime Free* Program approved by the Board of Directors on April 16, 2016.
Note: Being members of the Crime Free Program does not mean that the participating community is completely free of crime. However, in an effort to detect criminal activity at the community level, this Crime Free Addendum is a necessary and crucial element of the lease.

Design Review

Please visit our Design Review Center for all information and documents related to the design review process and requests. 


Due to the private nature of the corporation's (Association's) financials, monthly financial packages are not available to the public. Homeowners can access monthly financial packages by signing into the Homeowner Portal.


The Association carries General Liability & Property, Automobile, Directors & Officers, and Crime/Fidelity coverage insuring the Association and its common areas against loss. 

Open Board Meeting Minutes

Open Board Meetings are open to Homeowners only. Likewise, minutes from those meetings are available to Homeowners only. Homeowner can access open meeting minutes by signing into the Homeowner Portal.

Policies & Resolutions

The Board of Directors adopts Policies and Resolutions from time to time to clarify provisions contained in other governing documents, and set standards and restrictions not contained in other governing documents but within the authority of the Association.

Reserve Study

The Board of Directors commissions a reserve study and/or an updated reserve study from time to time, as needed. The reserve study provides a footprint/plan for the future repair and replacement of major common area components and lays out a recommended funding schedule to ensure the funds are available for such work when it becomes due.

Upcoming Projects

The Board of Directors is evaluating, considering, and working on a couple different "big ticket" projects at this time.
Irrigation Smart / ET Controllers
The Board recently approved upgrading the Association's irrigation system to a smart/ET system. This would include all new irrigation smart/ET controllers, flow sensors, and all new valves throughout the property that will operate with the new system. A copy of the proposal showing the proposed scope of work, can be viewed here.
Assuming a conservative 20% to 30% savings in water, the Association should recognize a return on investment in four (4) to six (6) years. Please see the following figures for additional information:
Proposed Cost = $203,716.53
Average Annual Water Expense (based on year-end figures from 2018 - 2020) = $166,149.45
Realistic Savings Expectations = 20% to 30% ($33,229.89 to $49,844.84) per year
Estimated Return on Investment = 4 years, 1 month to 6 years, 2 months
Park Restrooms
The Board has been investigating possible park restroom options. After reviewing proposals from Empire Works of Arizona and multiple options from Green Flush Restrooms, the Board has elected to move forward with obtaining a formal quote for one of the options from Green Flush Restroom. Please see below for the initial estimate for the selected option, along with a depiction of the proposed restroom location.
Turf Paint
The Board recently approved a proposal to paint the common area turf this winter in lieu of over-seeding. Experts recommend giving your summer Bermuda grass a break roughly every four (4) years by not over-seeding for the winter. This will help ensure a stronger summer turf the following year. This is the perfect year to forego over-seeding. The cost of over-seeding and quality of the available seed is severely compromised this year due to excessive heat experienced in Oregon this year (Oregon produces almost all of our country's rye seed) and the sale of the largest rye seed farm to Scott's Turf. The turf will be painted three (3) times this winter with a high-quality turf paint used across the nation. This should ensure a beautiful, green appearance all winter long.